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Mirjam van der Zee

The Practical Moon Lady

For a long time, I hated being photographed. I know it is necessary for modern-day business, but being photographed still felt like going to the dentist for a root canal operation, until I worked with Magda...

She moves around almost invisibly, and you are unaware of her photographing you during group sessions. Also, she has this kind and subtle way that opens you up when she works one on one with you. Her keen eye captures the image of your soul. She is a magician with a lens!

DSC_0668 2.jpg

Valérie Romano,

Imagine, somebody put a spell on you, so that you "feel free," free to BE YOU. You don't understand what is happening; you are not even questioning it. You embrace this moment of complete authenticity. This is how I felt during a foto session with Magda. I looked through her lens, and the resonance of it felt like being seen and loved just the way I am. Whenever an opportunity is given to me, I will work along with Magda. Magda, you mighty unique, beautiful personality! MERCI!


Glenny Sijlbing,


Consultant & Painter

Magda has the eye. I don’t know how she does it but she does. Each photo is a soul reflection from that person. She made really nice pictures from me during a retreat on Schiermonnikoog ( Island in the Netherlands). During the sessions she is there but you hardly notice she is there. I truly love this woman and her photos.


Dear Magda,

I loved working with you. I always freeze in front of a camera but you made it so much fun, even I started to relax after a while.

Most of all I love the pictures you took during the training sessions. I never even noticed you took them, but they are so spot on! Such vulnerability, joy and power show in those shots! Amazing!

Result: I’ve got some great and very diverse pictures for a new website and social media. Pictures that show all my aspects.


Elisabeth de Charon de Saint Germain,


Voice & Leadership coach for professional women & entrepreneurs

Branding photographer Magda Zatari just showed me this photo that she took of me. I can finally see my own soul reflected on my face!
How amazing is that!!! Thank you so, so much Magda. You are truly an artist. 🙏🏼💖


 I've worked with Magda at Live Days in Zurich and fell in love with her way of photographing.

Magda took amazing portraits at the first VIP REAL YOU retreat 2019 and will join another retreats again to take your Soul Portrait. Magda can 'see the soul and real strength' of the people she photographs.

Esther Van der Wijk,

Trainer, Consultant, Teamcoach,

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain,

Personal Brand, marketing, communication and design Expert, Art Historian, Certified Transformational Coach and Counselor

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