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Hi,  I’m Magda,

The Soul Photographer and


I help women to increase their femininity, to express imagination and creativity freely, in front of the camera.

My method is like a game, full of surprises and joy, meant to bring out the inner child, heal traumas and open the heart to acceptance and love.

If you are a brave feminine, open to spirituality, who has done some work with yourself, you are now in the right place.

Do you aim to create beauty in all its forms, to love deeply and give deeply to the world surrounding you?

Do you know there is always a way to right wrongs?

Are you perfectly imperfect and are you in peace with this?

Then, for sure, my transformational photo sessions are for you.


About me

I'm a Romanian photographer based in Brussels, Belgium.

My journey began with a simple "you're ugly."
That made me search for understanding what beauty means.

From studies of fine arts, psychology and personal development, I discovered spirituality as part of the concept of beauty.

I create photographic journeys for women to increase femininity, connect to themselves and appreciate the masculine energy.

I’m a mother, an Aquarius in the horoscope, an ENFP at the MBTI test.
I'm vegan. I practice yoga. 
I appreciate kindness and creativity.

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